Informatics for Quality Committee

The aims and objectives of the Informatics for Quality Committee is to support child health professionals with the use, collection and analysis of data to improve children's health.

About informatics

Informatics is used throughout everyday actions of healthcare professionals, enabling the delivery of high quality, accurate and timely care to patients. This ranges from booking appointments, conducting surgical procedures and recording patient data.

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About the committee

It comprises a group of paediatricians who are committed to improving the use of data to the benefit of health professionals and, as a consequence, the patients they treat.

The Committee aims to:

  • Identify, champion and advocate health informatics in each nation's child health agenda
  • Incorporate the health informatics agenda in all RCPCH activities
  • Support child health professionals with the appropriate informatics competencies and knowledge to deliver child health services

Committee Chair

Chair - Dr Karen Horridge

Vice Chair - Dr Cheryl Battersby

Committee outputs

The committee approves and assisted the development of the following:

  • Guidance for members on the implementation and use of SNOMED-CT, an international terminology for recording patient information
  • Healthy Children: Transforming child health information 2016 - strategy sets out how information services and systems will be restructured to ensure better outcomes for children, young people and their families - download below
  • Supporting Paediatricians to Develop Quality Indicators 2011 - provides children's healthcare providers with guidance together with a proposed set of quality indicators for use at both local and regional level  - download below


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