Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctor Committee

As a member and SAS doctor, you are represented by the SAS Committee. This includes elected members and regional representatives, as well as representation from British Association of Community Child Health (BACCH) and British Medical Association (BMA).

For more information about the Committee, please contact the Committee Administrator.

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The RCPCH committee for SAS doctors represents the specific needs of SAS doctors practicing in paediatrics, both RCPCH members and non-members, to improve recognition of their contribution to paediatrics and to identify opportunities for continuing professional development, support and progression.

The Chair of the committee sits on College Council. The Regional representatives are responsible for assisting SAS doctors in their region.

Committee members



Dr Prakash Kalambettu

SAS Committee Chair and SAS Representative on Council

Dr Durga Herath Committee Member
Dr Adewale Owa Committee Member
Vacant Committee Member
Dr Naomi Jayatilake BACCH Representative
Dr Nicola Jay College Workforce Officer - Ex Officio
Mr Patrick Cullen Membership Manager
Mr John O'Keeffe Assistant Director for Education and Training
Ms Marie Rogers Workforce Manager
Ms Enikő Máté Committee Administrator

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Regional representatives

Name and Trust

Dr Lyndsey Thompson,
Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children
Northern Ireland
Dr Masooma Ali,
NHS Grampian
Vacant Wales
Dr Kumar Swamy,
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
East of England
Dr Vinod Idicula Oommen,
John Radcliffe Hospital
South England
Dr Muhhamad Waqas,
Darlington Memorial Hospital
North East England
Dr Santi Rambhatla,
Manor Hospital
Vacant North London
Dr Jamil Ahmad Khan,
Medway Maritime Hospital
South London
Vacant North West England

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