The UK Paediatric Epilepsy Programme Board is looking for Experts by Experience

Having seen the incredible benefit that Experts by Experience bring, the UK Paediatric Epilepsy Programme Board has agreed to expand and we are excited to announce we now have seven opportunities for new Experts by Experience to join the board.

Deadline for applications: Midnight, 15 August 2023.

The Board brings together patient and family representatives (Experts by Experience - EBE) with charities, paediatricians, epilepsy specialists and other interested organisations to discuss challenges, issues and ideas relating to epilepsy care and service provision.

To help share the voice and views of children, young people, families, and carers across the UK we are looking for: 

  • Three young people/young adults aged 16–23 who have their own epilepsy experience to join an existing EbE who will be moving into their 2nd term.
  • Four parent/carers aged 18+ who support a child or young person with epilepsy or supported someone who is not with us today.

Please read the information in the document below and if you think you could be a great addition to the board please get in touch via