Epilepsy12 and OPEN UK national conference 2024

The seventh annual Epilepsy12 and Organisation of Paediatric Epilepsy Networks (OPEN UK) national conference will take place on Wednesday 18 September 2024 in a hybrid format. You can find the registration form and more information about the event on this page.
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Hybrid Event (Leeds Marriott Hotel)
United Kingdom

Spaces available
This event is free to attend. In-person tickets are limited to Epilepsy12 users and stakeholders. You can join the waiting list for in-person tickets below.
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We aim to amplify the voices of children and young people with epilepsies and bring professionals together to support the ongoing quality improvement in paediatric epilepsy care in England and Wales. 

Hosted by Epilepsy12 and OPEN UK, this conference serves as a pivotal platform to address critical issues, exchange knowledge and shape the future of epilepsy care in the United Kingdom. 

Epilepsy12 is a national clinical audit programme committed to enhancing the quality of care for children and young people with epilepsy in the UK. By collating data, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing evidence-based strategies, Epilepsy12 aims to drive positive change and optimise outcomes for those living with epilepsy. 

OPEN UK (Organisation of Paediatric Epilepsy Networks in the UK) is dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people with epilepsy through collaboration, innovation and advocacy. By facilitating networking among healthcare professionals, sharing best practices, and promoting research, OPEN UK strives to advance epilepsy care and support across the UK.

Poster Submission

Poster submission is now open!

To submit your poster, please email your poster and the submission form (see downloads section) to epilepsy12@rcpch.ac.uk. You will find guidelines in the submission form and we have provided a template to assist you in preparing your poster, however you can use your own templates if you wish. The deadline for submission is Friday 23 August 2024.

Selected posters will be displayed at our in-person event and shared on our website after the event. We cannot guarantee an in-person ticket for poster audits. Please join the in-person waiting list or register to attend virtually

Conference Programme

The conference is scheduled for 11:00 to 16:45. Registration for in-person attendees opens at 10:30. Presentation timings to be confirmed. 

Children and Young People Engagement

  • Epilepsy12 Youth Advocates - RCPCH&Us Team
  • Impact and Influence Project - RCPCH&Us Team
  • Engagement Project in 'Understanding Experiences of CYP with Epilepsy from Marginalised Communities' - Nick Morgan, Association for Young Peoples Health

Audit and Quality Improvement

  • Epilepsy12 Update - Dr Colin Dunkley, Epilepsy12 Clinical Lead
  • Epilepsy Quality Improvement Programme Update - Melanie David-Feveck, Project Manager
  • OPEN UK Update - Dr Richard Brown, OPEN UK Working Group Chair

Research in Epilepsy

  • Health Economic Modelling - Joseph Lillington, Health Economics England
  • NHS England Mental Health Screening Pilot Programme - Jim Pauling, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & Victoria Grey, Alder Hey Children's Hospital Trust


The Epilepsy12 project team members are available to respond to any related queries at epilepsy12@rcpch.ac.uk or on Tel: 020 7092 6157