Celebrating staff, associate specialist and specialty doctors this #SASWeek23

Our Thrive Paediatrics programme acknowledges, celebrates and supports the varied experiences in paediatrics. SAS doctors do amazing work, and Dr Anne Pinches has developed the role of SAS Advocate in her own Trust to promote and improve support for this growing group.
Anne Pinches, smiling, under large umbrella

In Thrive Paediatrics, we want to celebrate the variety of careers in paediatrics and work to ensure that all cohorts of doctors get equal opportunities for support, leadership, and career development. 

So this #SASweek2023 we recognise the amazing work of our SAS doctors and highlight some of the ways we can support this ever-growing group of paediatricians.

Anne Pinches, paediatric SAS doctor at Bradford Teaching Hospitals, tells us about her experience:

When I first left specialty training to become an SAS doctor, I didn’t know anyone else in the same position as me. But I knew that I didn’t want to continue in conventional paediatric training and leaving it would be the right decision, albeit one that was a leap of faith!

Since leaving training I’ve met some incredible and supportive people. And I've forged a path for myself and others as an SAS doctor. 

Whilst I know that I made the best decision it would have been beneficial to have known others in a similar position and have a support network in the form of SAS community. I feel this would have made the transition between roles easier.  

My aim as SAS Advocate is to ensure that all SAS doctors are recognised and rewarded for the vital roles that they do, highlighting them at a local, regional and even national level. My goal is to support SAS doctors at work - ensuring they are on the correct contract and pay scale and highlighting the Specialist grade - and out of work - providing peer support and helping them to achieve a good work-life balance.

SAS Advocates provide a wealth of knowledge and advice at Trust level which we should all be encouraged to tap into. Not only that, but they offer an excellent example of how the SAS role extends far beyond the myth of just being a service provider.

Happy #SASWeek23!