Child health research matters to medicine

In this two-part episode we feature Emily Arkell, Director of Quality Improvement and Professor Paul Dimitri, Vice President for Science and Research. They discuss the importance of research to clinical practice in child health and the added training benefits.
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Professor Paul Dimitri

This is the fourth of our “In conversation…” series discussing the four aims of our College Strategy 2021-24. This episode features Professor Paul Dimitri, Professor of Child Health, Consultant in Paediatric Endocrinology and Director of Research & Innovation at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, in conversation with Emily Arkell discussing the state of child health research and why it is so important.  

Our College Strategy 2021-24 outlines four aims that work to improve health outcomes for children and young people. The first of these four aims is to harness knowledge, data and intelligence to improve the quality of care for children and young people. The College's quality improvement programmes and our support of research in child health adds value to our training programmes and supports the clinical practice of our members. 

Children and young people make up nearly 25% of the population, there are 100% of the future. What happens to them in early life determines what happens to them in the future.

Listen to both parts of episode four here or on your favourite podcast player.