Five weeks to go until Progress+ - our nomenclature 'fix'

As we move from an eight-year pathway for specialty training (ST) to the seven-year Progress+ pathway there will be some changes in nomenclature. We explain how this works, including for those trainees who will remain on the eight-year pathway.
Time for Progress Plus - 1 August

It is probably stating the obvious: where previously training ran from ST1 to ST8, it will now run from ST1 to ST7.

Under Progress+, ST1 to ST4 will be core training. ST5 to ST7 will be specialty level training and will be almost identical to the current Level 3 at ST6 to ST8.

While we want everyone to move to the new ST nomenclature as soon as possible from August/September, we are aware that for some trainees remaining on an eight-year pathway, changing ST nomenclature at this stage would adversely impact on their pay progression point at ST6. In addition, trainees have told us that, understandably, they don’t want to be relabelled for the next training year as the same ST level that they have just completed even though they are progressing.

To manage this situation we have come up with a nomenclature ‘fix’.

For those trainees remaining on an eight-year pathway, their ST level will continue to increase chronologically but there will be a designation as a bracketed suffix to indicate where they are in the Progress+ pathway.

This will continue until all of those who elect to remain on the eight-year pathway reach CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training).

We have created a very helpful visual slide of the pathways and ST nomenclature, 'Moving to Progress+', which you can download below.

As we transition to Progress+, we are working with schools and at ARCPs (Annual Review of Competence Progression) to ensure that everyone’s designation is correct on their ePortfolio. If you do not think yours is right, please flag this with your Training Programme Director.

We understand that everyone has different circumstances. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Can you join us in celebrating the launch on 1 August? As you may be aware, we’ve been using the colour pink to highlight all things Progress curriculum and Progress+ for many years. We’d love you to help us mark the occasion with your own local celebrations and to share your pictures at #RCPCHProgressPlus. Perhaps some pink baking for a tea break or a team photo with pink accessories and banners – we’d like to turn our social feed pink for the day!