The Great Paediatric Bake Off – episode six!

It's a new school year and Dr Ash Patel is back with a new bake: Persian Love Cakes. He's joined by EDI champions, Mike Farquhar and Jaspreet Kaur, to discuss the Rainbow Badge Project and Soft Landings.
Picture of Mike, Ash and Jaspreet from their bake off episode on a blue back ground with some wooden spoons and chef hats

How can we make someone feel included when they start working in the UK as an International Medical Graduate? How can a badge help an LGBT+ child or young person feel safe with their doctors? Find out in this episode of the Great Paediatric Bake Off!

In this episode, Mike and Jaspreet use their projects, the Rainbow Badge Project and Soft Landings, to provide examples of how simple offers of inclusion and the idea of being seen can help both children and young people and clinicians.

Approaching equality, diversity and inclusion can feel daunting but when you break it down, and look from a different angle, it tends to require the very skills paediatricians are already trained in. As they battle food processors of varying sizes, Ash, Mike and Jaspreet challenge how to be better at equality, diversity and inclusion in both NHS trusts and at the College. 

So, dust off your food processor and join the bake to learn more about bringing EDI into your working life. 

240g ground almonds
135g demerara sugar
135g soft light brown sugar
50g buckwheat flour
80g unsalted butter, fridge cold and cubed
¾ tsp salt
160g Greek style natural yoghurt
90g eggs (roughly 1 and half large eggs)
1 tbsp mahleb OR ¼ tsp almond extract
¾ tsp ground nutmeg

for serving (optional) - 60g mascarpone, Pistachio kernels, pomegranate seeds, icing sugar

food processor, large bowls, financier tin (silicone) (alternatively you can just use a muffin tin and line with muffin cases), spoons - large and teaspoon, scales.