Launch of NIHR Programme Development Grant in child health and wellbeing research

RCPCH is delighted to publicise this major funding opportunity, which launches on 22 November, with an informational webinar on 15 November. This NIHR initiative aligns with our aim to bolster research capacity, capability and sustainability in some of the most complex and challenging areas of paediatrics.
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Launch of the call

The funding opportunity from the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) extends beyond health research, and also includes wider aspects of child well being, including public health, mental health, social care and education. Through this multisector approach, we hope the funded research can inform tangible advancements to improve the health of children and young people. 

This commitment by NIHR is the culmination of close collaboration with the RCPCH and we have in turn, consulted broadly with colleagues in other sectors to make a strong case for increased investment. The new NIHR Programme Development Grant call shows dedication to address critical gaps in research capacity and capabilities, as well as acknowledging the importance of investing into the needs of children and young people. 

Attend the NIHR webinar to find out more

The webinar on 15 November is aimed at all members (academic and non-academic). As members we encourage you to consider areas of high prevalence and need, and health inequalities which impact your local region. You should build links with research groups to share ideas about collecting data and evidence to improve child health and well being outcomes. To find out  more, and understand how multisector child health needs can be addressed through collaborative research, register for the webinar

For further information

Find out more about the funding opportunity, including the PDG brief and guidance.

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