MRCPCH Clinical exams - update on adapted exam, 9 September

We are providing a further update to candidates, examiners and hosts about the MRCPCH Covid Adapted Clinical Exam being held during November 2020.

As a result of technical limitations with the online platform we are using, we will be limited to having only nine candidates per circuit, for a total of 18 per day. 

All candidates will move through all nine stations, with no rest stations. Examiners, role players and invigilators will have some rest stations.

As a result, the order in which candidates move through the stations will not be the same. Therefore, we will email candidates a route map based on their starting station for the exam before the exam in November.

We will update relevant documents on our MRCPCH COVID Adapted Clinical Examination - information hub, and flag with an "Updated". We will also post a chart which shows the movement of candidates through this nine-candidate circuit as well as the rest stations for examiners.

We are working with our platform provider to address the issue that is limiting us to nine candidates per circuit and hope to be able to return to our normal 12-candidate circuits in future diets.