New report from NHS Providers: Reducing health inequalities faced by children and young people

NHS Providers have published a new report focusing on health inequalities faced by children and young people and how trusts play a key role in ensuring better health outcomes.
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The report explains that children and young people living in poverty are at greater risk of experiencing poorer health outcomes, and that there are inequalities in how children and young people access healthcare services.  

It provides a set of actions that trusts can take to tackle health inequalities, including:  

  • Embedding the Core20PLUS5 framework for children and young people in the Trust 
  • Reviewing existing trust initiatives to reduce health inequalities and consider whether they address inequalities in access and outcomes experienced by children and young people 
  • Considering the specific experiences of children and young people from more deprived backgrounds and the barriers they may face in accessing services 
  • Seeking to meaningfully involve and include children and young people in the design and delivery of services  

The full report can be found on the NHS Providers website.

Last year, the College published a suite of resources looking at poverty as a driver of child health inequalities and provided tools to equip paediatricians to better support children and young people experiencing health inequalities.