Our Epilepsy Quality Improvement Programme will run another year

We have been recommissioned by NHS England to continue offering quality improvement training to paediatric epilepsy teams until August 2024. We're now inviting registrations of interest.
Close up of a group looking at papers, from an EQIP shared learning event

RCPCH runs EQIP, an NHS England funded project, as well as the national clinical audit, Epilepsy12. Over the past few years, EQIP has successfully trained 40 NHS paediatric epilepsy service teams, including Integrated Care Systems, in quality improvement (QI) to address service needs.

Each participating team is provided with QI training that is co-designed and delivered with an expert QI trainer/facilitator - flexible learning that meets the pace of the team. Teams can attend live training webinars and access pre-course materials and recorded real-world training examples on the EQIP microsite.

Teams learn QI methodology, empowering them with the knowledge and tools on practical solutions to support their improvement in four key areas of national focus:

  • Improving mental health pathways/screening
  • Addressing variation in care
  • Improving transition pathways 
  • Improving referrals into tertiary services

We invite paediatric epilepsy services in England, who have not yet participated in EQIP, to register interest for the next EQIP wave - the deadline is 2 October.

To find out more about EQIP and the application process, download our flyer below or visit the EQIP microsite. You can also contact EQIP on eqip@rcpch.ac.uk or 0207 092 6098.