Our voices: My condition &... going beyond the clinical

RCPCH &Us Podcasts is created by young volunteers with RCPCH &Us and focuses on the vibrancy and multi-dimensional nature of children and young people. The episode highlights the need for healthcare and education professionals to see beyond children and young people’s conditions when working with them.
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Listen and experience the energy, creativity, clarity and inspiration as the Podcasters engage in a frank and honest conversation about life.

About the episode

The Podcasters are: Shreya (interviewer), Demi (interviewee), Aiden (interviewee/voice over), Ali (voice over/playwriter), Joseph (interviewee/voice over), Eve (voice over), Abbie (voice over), Ethan (voice over), Derick (voice over) and Jamie (music).

Production: Kweku Aacht (worker) and Oscar. The group are aged 14-20 years old and are supported by youth voice advisors from the RCPCH Children and Young People’s Engagement team. Poems have been submitted by young people and at times, voiced by other volunteers. 

This episode features excerpts of a play written by Ali, who created the script from his comprehensive study of RCPCH &Us research into children and young people's experience of engagement within the healthcare services.  The recording comes from the 2023 RCPCH conference in Glasgow, when the play was performed in the final plenary session by Children & Young People Engagement team staff, Kweku and Jack.   

Research statistics are taken from the Mind website and include facts and figures from the NHS (2020) Digital Mental Health of Children & Young People UK Survey, Office for National Statistics (2020) Young People’s Well-being in the UK and Mind (2021) Not Making The Grade report.

You can download the full transcript at the bottom of this page.

Trigger warning

The episode talks about young people’s experiences with their mental health, anxiety, low mood and experiences of living with different long-term conditions.  


If you need support with feelings of low mood, stress, or anxiety, there are lots of organisations out there that can help.

Go to Hub of Hope and type in your postcode to find out what is in your local area. Or text SHOUT to 85258.  

If you need urgent help, Young Minds has a list of organisations that you can contact


To contact the Children and Young People’s Engagement Team, please email and_us@rcpch.ac.uk.