Our voices: young people and climate change

This podcast is created by young volunteers with RCPCH &Us and is all about climate change with some international guests from Ghana and others closer to home from the RCPCH Climate Change Working Group and RCPCH members.
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The podcasters are: Ali, Demi, Joseph, Lowenna, Shreya and Timooothy. We also had help from RCPCH &Us volunteer Clare plus John and Jamie who brought Timooothy to life!

This is a special edition collaboration with the RCPCH Climate Changers group who are: Aisling, Ali, Ally, Beth, Demi, Ethan, Kirsten, Jeanette and Noor.

Listen to find out how doctors and young people can work together to make sure that we face the climate change crisis head on.

In this episode we interviewed:

Members of the Ghana Youth Environmental Movement

  • Perk
  • Gloria
  • Anokyewaa

RCPCH Climate Change Working Group members

  • Dr Katy from Leeds
  • Dr Shunmay from London

RCPCH Conference Attendees 

  • Dr Emily, Dr Ella, Dr Chrysoula, Dr Ella, Dr Ian, Dr Carol, Dr Lucy, Dr Anastasia
Who are we?

RCPCH &Us are a network of children and young people from all over the country (UK) who volunteer together to help improve health, awareness and information/education around what matters to children and young people. We have lots of different projects which bring together young volunteers to make a difference on topics like epilepsy, asthma, mental health and more.

The podcasters are young people from RCPCH &Us who have a passion for engagement and volunteering in child health. They will be creating different podcasts over the year on topics that matter to children and young people. We have been learning how to create a podcast, creating and reviewing content, editing and getting it ready to launch.

Wondering why you keep hearing a moo?

In the summer of 2022, young people were helping out with interviews for staff at RCPCH and in the break time, learnt to moo. Another young person remixed it and that's why we have a moo as a jingle!

It means a lot to us and we hope you enjoy it too!

Links mentioned in the podcast

Thank you for joining us for the second RCPCH &Us podcast and to everyone who took part. If you want to get in touch to find out more about the RCPCH &Us projects including the Podcasters or the Climate Changers, email and_us@rcpch.ac.uk. 

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