Progress curriculum - one year on: how we're responding to your feedback

A year after we launched our new training curriculum, in August 2018, we asked trainees and supervisors about their experiences of it. The responses were largely positive, but identified some key improvements that we're now working on - such as updates to ePortfolio, providing more support around domains that are 'difficult to evidence' and developing resources for supervisors.

The good news

  • Most trainees and supervisors agreed that Progress reflects the skills, knowledge and behaviours required of paediatricians.
  • Trainees found illustrations a useful prompt of how to relate Learning Outcomes to everyday situations and cases.
  • Members who had accessed the support materials and the domain resources found them useful.

What are we now doing?

You've spoken - and we've heard you. Thank you to all our members who gave valuable feedback. We've noted several areas of improvement.

ePortfolio - rolling programme of improvements 

We have a rolling programme of improvements to this online platform.

What you asked for:

  • Educational supervisor report that attends to each domain
  • Embed curriculum in assessments to bring the curriculum to life
  • Restructured reflective element in assessments to become initial reflections

What we've done so far (as of November 2019):

  • Supervisor reports comment against each domain for each trainee
  • Selecting curriculum learning outcomes, domains or key capabilities is mandatory in assessments – guidance on limiting numbers ticked
  • Put initial reflections first followed by further prompt for reflection if desired by assessor to help trainee’s reflective practice
  • Aligned PDP (personal development plan) into goals structure for the induction meeting with supervisor to make educationally relevant

What we're planning to do:

  • Make the comments for supervisors appear in line with the trainee comments – we're determining options now
  • Align the curriculum requirements using the functionality in the system so a snapshot of progression against the curriculum by level can be viewed more easily
  • Significantly speed up the system
  • Have the ability to customise the fonts and presentation of the text
  • Ensure ePortfolio is used as a supportive tool to demonstrate capability rather than a proxy tick boxing exercise seen as a burden by trainees and supervisors

Support for trainees on particular domains  

You told us the most difficult domains to evidence are health promotion and illness prevention and research and scholarship. We will be working with schools of paediatrics to provide more support on these domains and will continue to promote domain resources via relevant channels of communications.

Review of syllabi

College curriculum committees will review the syllabi in 2020 to make sure their content is clear, comprehensive and reflects the standard required for each phase of training.

New resources for Supervisors

We're developing more resources to help Supervisors better understand how to support trainees with the curriculum.

Get in touch

We have a commitment to Progress. Our commitment doesn't just mean ensuring that our members have access to a syllabi and curriculum that's fit for purpose; it also means creating up to date materials that enable you to lead the way in child health.

If you have any further feedback regarding RCPCH Progress, or would like to help with producing future curriculum resources, email us on