RCPCH Progress curriculum

With a focus on learning outcomes - not tickboxes - our curriculum sets the standard for the skills, knowledge and behaviours that paediatricians need as they progress through training. This curriculum runs to summer 2023 when trainees will move to RCPCH Progress+.
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RCPCH Progress curriculum has 11 domains, with learning outcomes for each training level. Syllabi provide further requirements and help you demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes.
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We explain how Progress works - and how to use it as you throughout your training. Videos introduce you to the curriculum, and demonstrate a supervisor-trainee scenario.
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For those in level 3 training, you will need the syllabus for your sub-specialty (also called 'Grid' training) or general paediatrics. We manage 17 paediatric sub-specialties.

Progress+ builds on Progress as the College's updated training programme and curriculum. As we prepare for launch, we know trainees and supervisors will have many questions. We have a growing range of resources to support you through this transition.