RCPCH Progress curriculum

With a focus on learning outcomes - not tickboxes - our curriculum sets the standard for the skills, knowledge and behaviours that paediatricians need as they progress through training.

COVID-19 - developing capabilities during this period

During this unprecedented and extremely challenging period, we continue to be support trainees. 

We've produced guidance on how you can continue to gain valuable capabilities around the curriculum, and provide examples and practical tips.

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The curriculum has 11 domains, with learning outcomes for each training level. Syllabi provide further requirements and help you demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes.
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We explain how Progress works - and how to use it as you throughout your training. Videos introduce you to the curriculum, and demonstrate a supervisor-trainee scenario.
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For those in level 3 training, you will need the syllabus for your sub-specialty (also called 'grid' training) or general paediatrics. We manage 17 paediatric sub-specialties.

"The best doctor is someone who... change your feelings of health and can help you on the worst day possible" - Young person, RCPCH &Us voice bank

Our booklet brings together voices, ideas and experiences from children, young people and their families on Progress.

News and articles about training


What is the point of Multi-source Feedback?

Have you ever had a comment that made you worry, or changed the way you practice? The RCPCH and University of Cambridge are recruiting participants for a research study to explore the ways in which paediatricians use Multi-source Feedback and the data that it gives them. This video explains how t...