RCPCH publishes UK-wide child protection standards

Our standards, produced with the Child Protection Special Interest Group, provide a benchmark for consistency in commissioning and service design.

The RCPCH and the Child Protection Special Interest Group (CPSIG) have today launched a set of standards for the delivery of child protection medical assessments across all four nations in order to promote equitable, high quality child protection services across the UK.

The RCPCH and CPSIG are aware that there is significant diversity in the child protection medical assessment process across different geographical areas.  Although diversity can often be a good thing, leading to innovation and better ways of working, it can lead to unwarranted variations in care. These variations can result from inadequate resources, as well as different interpretations of (or lack of awareness of) existing guidelines.

Dr Alison Steele, Child Protection Officer for the RCPC, said:

We know that across the four nations of the United Kingdom there are differences in commissioning and service planning arrangements and that services will vary in terms of the amount or type of additional commissioning or investment needed to achieve these standards. Providers of this critical service now have a benchmark against which their work can be measured.

Dr Elaine Burfitt, Chair of CPSIG, said:

We believe that all children, and their families, are entitled to the same high standards of child protection services, wherever they live, and that health commissioners and provider organisations must work together to ensure that these are met. 

We hope you will join with us in helping to share these standards with all relevant agencies and individuals concerned, and in advocating for them to be adopted at all levels to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and young people.