Research into impact of COVID-19 on children and young people

RCPCH is placing children and young people’s voice at the heart of COVID-19 recovery planning by showcasing the experiences and insight from under 25s across the UK.

The College is highlighting consultations, surveys and research taking place with children and young people by a range of charities and medical and academic institutes from the four nations in addition to producing leading scientific and medical data research summaries.
Over 30,000 children and young people have taken part so far, and their views are available on our new voice portal. There are also links to ongoing studies which will continue to increase the reach into diverse community groups and experiences, and add to the depth of insight needed to ensure recovery planning includes and meets the needs of young patients.
In the coming weeks we aim to publish key findings summaries written by young people and clinicians, highlighting the results and asking questions to inform thinking for next steps.
RCPCH &Us, the children and young people’s voice network for the College, are also sharing their ideas, experiences and views to help inform and shape services beyond lockdown. COVID19 &Us will support voices from vulnerable groups, inform Paediatrics 2040,  and offer suggestions on building resilience in times of crisis.
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