COVID-19 - research studies on children and young people's views

Children and young people are experiencing the impact of COVID-19, and lockdown, in many ways - from their education to staying at home with family, from the way they access health and support services to their emotional health and wellbeing. We're compiling studies across the UK that are collecting children and young people's experiences and insights.
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28 August 2020

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Children and young people are experiencing and feeling the impact of COVID-19 in a number of different ways - from changes to their education to staying home with families, changes to the way health services support them as well as changes to their emotional health and wellbeing.

Across the UK they have been sharing their insights with several charities, organisations and academic institutes about living through lockdown and COVID-19.  These valuable, real life experiences need to be viewed alongside scientific and medical data sets, in order to effectively plan for services over the coming months. 

The voices of children and young people are central to recovery planning, with RCPCH supporting clinicians, services and settings to understand their needs by collating surveys and insight from a range of external organisations and charities that have captured the voice and views of children, young people, young adults and their families.

You can keep children and young people’s voice at the centre of informing and influencing service design and delivery, by reviewing the surveys, interrogating the data and including children and young people’s voice to enhance your plans, position statements or journal articles by. Publications will then better reflect and reference the voice and views of children and young people alongside medical and scientific data. 

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

We are compiling studies that are collecting the experiences and insights of children and young people (up to 25 years) within the UK.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Include views from children, young people and young adults aged 0–25 years
  • In English language
  • Relate to views from the UK
  • Are conducted in 2020
  • Use method(s) appropriate to children and young people

Exclusion criteria:

  • Include views from adult (over 25 years) and children/young people/young adult (up to 25 years) data where the data for 0-25 years cannot be extracted
  • Include fewer than 25 responses from children/young people/young adults
  • Do not include primary responses from children, young people or young adults

Completed studies

Study Location Age range Target group Total responses Lead organisation
Teenagers’ experiences of life in lockdown (TELL) Caring for your wellbeing (PDF) UK 16-19 Young people 100 University of Manchester
My Future, My Feelings, My Family UK 12-25 Young carers 961 Carers Trust
Coronavirus: Impact on young people with mental health needs. Survey 2: Summer 2020 (PDF) UK 13-25 Young people with mental health experience 2,036 Young Minds
Coronavirus: impact on young people with mental health needs (PDF) UK 13-25 Young people with mental health experience 2,111 Young MindsDevalued by forces beyond our control 
Devalued by forces beyond our control UK 13-25 Young people supported by Barnardos 113 Barnardo's
Online harms UK 16-23 Young People 22 Catch22
Children’s information on coronavirus UK 7-12 Children 150 Edge Hill University
You-COPE: Mental health consequences experienced by young people aged 16-24 during first months of the COVID-19 lockdown (PDF) UK 16-24 Young people 1,507 University College London,  / University of Sussex/ Imperial College London
Mental health and COVID-19: In our own words UK 7-24 Children and young people 4,000 Barnardos / HYPE Bristol / HYPE Plymouth, Article 12, TIGER
Cancer x coronavirus: the impact on young people UK 13-30 Cancer experienced young people 118 Teenage Cancer Trust
#ScotYouthandCovid Children and young people’s participation in crisis Scotland 10-16 Young people 25 A Place in Childhood
Spend time with me: children and young people’s experiences of COVID-19 and the justice system Scotland   Young people with youth justice experience 48 Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice
LockdownLowdown - what young people in Scotland are thinking about COVID-19 (PDF) Scotland 11-25 Young people 2,400

-YouthLink Scotland

Young Scot

Scottish Youth Parliament

How are you doing? Scotland 8-14 Young people 3,698 Children's Parliament
Our voices aren’t in lockdown Northern Ireland 11-25 Young people 780 NI Youth Forum
Impact of lockdown on young people (PDF) UK 14-25 Young people 9,913 Duke of Edinburgh Award
Take the temperature UK 14-25 Young people 1,500 Beatfreeks Youth Trends
Impact of COVID-19 on girls and young women UK 4-18 Girls and young women 7,000 GirlGuiding UK
Young people in lockdown   16-25 Young people 1,022 Princes Trust / YouGov
Needs of young people through COVID (PDF)   Under 18 Young people 55 Diana Award
Impact of lockdown on young people (PDF) UK 13-24 Young people 2,002 University of Sheffield
The Oxford ARC study: achieving resilience during COVID-19 (PDF) UK 13-18 Young people 321 University of Oxford
Coronavirus and me Wales



Children and young people 23.719 Children's Commissioner Wales
Cost of the school day during COVID-19 UK   Children and young people 1,400 Child Poverty Action Group
Happen at home Wales 8-11 Children 1,000 Primary School Network Wales
The experience of the coronavirus lockdown in low income families in England and Wales England and Wales 16-19 Young people 188 StreetGames
Reimagining the future of paediatric care post-COVID-19 - a reflective report of rapid learning UK 9-25 Children and young people 57 RCPCH
You-Cope Disruptions experienced by young people aged 16-24 during first months of the COVID-19 lockdown UK 18-24 Young adults 1,274 University College London / University of Sussex/ Imperial College London
A survey of the effects of lock-down due to corona-virus on students in primary and secondary schools (PDF) Sheffield 5-15 Children and young people 162 Sarah Jannat Iqbal, Year-6 student at Avicenna Academy, Sheffield
Understanding the needs of young carers in the context of the covid-19 global pandemic (PDF) East Anglia/West Berkshire 12-22 Children and young people


included here due to the hard to reach nature of the group

University of East Anglia
My Health, Our Future – At Home Suffolk   Young people 2,572 Healthwatch Suffolk
Life in lockdown UK 11-21 Young people 60 Power2
Youth In lockdown (PDF) Essex 9-25 Young people 202 ECVYS

Ongoing studies - open

Study Location Age range Target group Lead organisation
What is it like to be a teenager or young adult in a global pandemic? UK 11-18 (25 with SEND) Young people NCB
Coronavirus experience survey UK    Young people and with cancer experiences CLIC Sargent
Growing up under COVID-19 UK (and compared to other countries) 14-18 Young people Nuffield Foundation
Young trans and gender diverse lives’ in the UK: the mental health impact of COVID-19  UK 16-25 Trans/gender diverse Nottingham Trent University
Impact on rural life Scotland 18-28 Rural young adults Rural Youth Project
Understanding the needs of young adults following the COVID-19 pandemic UK 16+ Young people / young adults NIHR Maudlsey Biomedical Research Centre, Kings College London
Citizen enquiry into COVID-19 UK   Young people No lead organisation
#Eco-capabilities:  wellbeing before and after the pandemic Cambridgeshire 7-8 Four classes of Y3 children from two primary schools in new areas of high deprivation Anglia Ruskin University
SHARE: Hydrocephalus UK 12-25 Hydrocephalus patients Leeds Teaching Hospitals, University of Southampton Teaching Hospitals, SHINE and Harry’s HAT
Chronic illness and coronavirus survey UK   Young people with chronic illness experience / parents & carers RAiISE
Born in Bradford study Bradford 5-18 Bradford school age children and young people Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Child/Young person (living with overweight or obesity) service user survey UK

4-15 (parents/carers)


Children and young people with obesity experience

University of Leeds
CAMHS in South London survey South London/Maudsley Young people CAHMS service users South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
Young people’s emotional health & wellbeing coronavirus survey Hull 10-25 Young people Hull City Council
Co-SPACE Covid-19: supporting parents, adolescents and children during epidemics) UK 11-16 Parents and young people (parents must complete/consent first) University of Oxford

Ongoing studies - awaiting results

Study Location Age range Target group Lead organisation
Exploring experiences of life at home during lockdown for young people in care UK   Young people Research in Practice / TACT
Covid-19 experiences during early adolescence South West England 13-14 Young people University of Bristol
Keeping well in a COVID-19 crisis UK 16+ Mental health service users King's College London
My health, our future: at home (primary) Suffolk 11-25 Young people Healthwatch Suffolk
Impact of COVID-19 on outdoor learning among children UK Early years - 16 Children and young people, parents, workforce University of Hull
CONTRAST study UK 11-15 Young people Institute of Applied Health Research, University of Birmingham
#CovidUnder19 - life under coronavirus UK / Global 8-17 Children and young people

Queen’s University Belfast and global partners

Identifying and supporting 'off-radar' children and young people at risk of violence and abuse UK 16+ Experience of abuse at home Kings College London
Social media and mental health UK 16-24 Young people University of Manchester

CCopeY: Young people's mental health and coping styles during and after COVID-19 lockdown

Read an update from the young advisors!

UK 16-24 Young people Imperial College London
Youth services in Brighton & Hove Brighton & Hove 11-25 Young people Brighton & Hove City Council
SHARE: Chronic Kidney Disease UK 12-30 Children, young people and, young adults, and parents, affected with kidney conditions British Association for Paediatric Nephrology and University of Southampton, Kidney Care UK and Kidney Research UK
SHARE: Congenital Heart Disease UK   Congenital heart disease patients University Hospitals Southampton, British Heart Foundation and the Children’s Heart Federation
SHARE: Cancer UK   Young people with cancer experience University of Southampton, University of York, Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group
SHARE Cystic Fibrosis UK   Children and young people with cystic fibrosis University Hospitals Southampton
Young people and lockdown Newcastle   Young people YPAGNe