Scotland eBulletin - February 2019

Steve Turner, Officer for Scotland, introduces this month's newsletter for our members in Scotland. Get caught up with the latest news...

The last four months have been very pleasantly busy for us all in the office. I will spare you chapter and verse and instead share what I think are the key points.

Trainee numbers #1: Due to the 100% return of data from Scottish centres to the 2017 workforce census we were able to submit a robust, evidence-based case for an expansion of trainee numbers. As a result, an additional eight posts are available for the 2019 intake. Many thanks to colleagues up and down the country for making this happen.

Trainee numbers #2: About 30% of paediatric trainees work less than full time (LTFT). There was uncertainty across the four regions whether the number of trainees should be a head count (regardless of whether individual were LTFT or not) or the number of whole time equivalents. The difference was equivalent to at least 20 trainees. This matter was clarified and the answer is whole time equivalents (ie the option which gives us more trainees). Many thanks everyone for helping with this.

State of Child Health: There is an increasing awareness across Scotland that poor health is the end point of a journey that ends at the NHS but the root causes are often outwith healthcare services. For example, obesity is influenced by “place” (i.e. the local physical environment), education, transport, mental health and a societal norm. State of Child Health continues to highlight the need for children to be considered across all national and local government activities to 'get it right for every child'.

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