Workforce census 2017 resources

Below are downloadable resources that provide further detail about the workforce census 2017. First, further information about the study methodology and demand modelling calculations. Second, resources that allow further exploration of the workforce census 2017 data: supplementary data tables and an interactive workforce data dashboard.


This document explains the procedure the RCPCH Workforce team used prior to, during and after data collection for the workforce census 2017. It also details the response rate.

Demand modelling calculations

The census reports outline the UK's current paediatric workforce supply, compare this to the demand for services and then make an estimate of how many more consultants would be required to meet demand. Demand calculations are based on a number of sources of evidence (such as paediatric admissions) and assumptions. This document details the modelling behind those calculations. 

Data tables

The census reports contain figures and tables displaying key findings from the census data. The question set, which can be downloaded here, is wide-ranging; therefore, there is not space in the reports to include all permutations.

To allow further exploration of the data in detail, we have created a downloadable Excel file of tables of data not included in the report. Reference in the reports to further detail in the "Census Resources on the website" can be found here.

Workforce data dashboard

The RCPCH workforce census has been conducted biennially since 1999, therefore we have a large amount of data about trends in the UK's paediatric workforce. We have created an interactive tool in the form of a downloadable Excel spreadsheet, which allows you to explore trends in the workforce in more detail.