We welcome GMC report on the state of medical education and practice

The General Medical Council has today released its 2019 State of Medical Education and Practice in the UK report. Dr Camilla Kingdon, RCPCH Vice President for Education and Professional Development, welcomes the findings.

Dr Kingdon says:

"The findings in the GMC’s workforce report align closely with what our members are telling us - namely that paediatricians of every grade nationally have relentlessly heavy workloads and that this has an inevitable impact on health and wellbeing.

"As described in the report, we know that the current state of paediatric practice is leading paediatricians at all stages of life to make career-defining decisions, including early retirement and reduction in working hours.

"I am very pleased to note that the report recommendations align to many workstreams and proposals currently being supported or developed by RCPCH, including:

  • an emphasis on the importance of intelligent rota design, adequate rest and suitable induction - all key elements of the RCPCH Trainee Charter
  • support of Health Education England's pilot of unrestricted access to less than full time training opportunities 
  • flexible approaches to training - our Shape of Training proposal is underpinned by flexibility 
  • development of clinical leadership skills that espouse compassion - we are currently designing a wide-ranging leadership and management development training programme
  • improved support for international medical graduates - we are developing resources for trusts to support Medical Training Initiative doctors and other international medical graduates."