We've updated our application for Fellowship by election

If you're applying for RCPCH Fellowship via this route, you'll need to demonstrate how you've achieved distinction in paediatrics. We've updated our list of examples of distinction, and have a new form for you to record these.

This route is open to Ordinary Members who are not eligible for Fellowship by registration. It's a great opportunity particularly for our international members or those working in the UK who are not on the GMC specialist register for paediatrics.

Our new list of examples of distinction

  • Examiner or Examiner Elect for the College
  • At least three years working in a substantive, non-training post
  • Postgraduate qualification in paediatrics and child health or an allied specialty, eg MRCPCH, PhD, MD
  • Publications on which you are a first-named author on several articles in international peer-reviewed journals, such as Archives of Disease in Childhood - you should list three most important publications in your application
  • National service development leadership roles, such as work on medical campaigns or with medical charities, eg UNICEF, WHO, Red Cross or other major medical charities - you will need to list these in your application
  • Service improvement initiatives
  • Local leadership roles
  • Quality Improvement initiatives
  • Leadership of specialised organisations
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and education work

How to apply

You'll need to do two things:

  • Download and complete our Fellowship via election distinction form to demonstrate how you meet distinction
  • Complete our online application form. You'll need to upload the distinction form, as well as provide two letters of support from existing Fellows (at least one of whom must be from the UK or Republic of Ireland)

You can access both the distinction form and online application on our Fellowship via election page.

Applicants are submitted for election three times per year. 

If you have any questions, get in touch with us on membership@rcpch.ac.uk.