Clinical guidelines and evidence reviews

Paediatricians and their colleagues regularly use clinical guidelines to manage the treatment of children's medical conditions. We develop clinical guidelines to high standards in line with our NICE accreditation.

Our process manual

Updated in April 2020 and accredited by NICE since 2006, Setting standards for development of clinical guidelines in paediatrics and child health describes our process to develop high standard clinical guidelines, including information on grading evidence, consensus methods, dissemination and implementation.

A full list of paediatric guidelines published by NICE, SIGN and other organisations and which meet the standards for RCPCH endorsement.
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We can help organisations and groups create high quality guidelines. Our methodology outlines the steps you'll need to take to get RCPCH endorsement.
As an RCPCH member, you can join our consultation panel. We'll let you know of opportunities to comment on draft documents, represent us at meetings or join a guideline development group.

It's not just a disease of the elderly. Around 400 children in the UK each year suffer from stroke, leaving many with severe physical and mental impairment.

Evidence to inform child protection procedures in the clinic and legal system

Child Protection Evidence