Communicating the aims and outputs of the NNAP effectively to parents and families - a case study for NNAP

This case study was included in the 2017 National Neonatal Audit Programme annual report to highlight how a neonatal unit has used its results from the National Neonatal Audit Programme as a basis to identify and implement local quality improvement activities. You can download the full case study below.


The clear aim of the NNAP is to help facilitate and drive up national standards of neonatal care. In 2015, a noticeable gap was identified in regards to the communication between neonatal unit staff and parents about the aims and functions of the NNAP which was impeding the involvement of parents in driving up standards. Parent representatives, nurses and network managers were recruited to form a working group to help find a solution to plug this gap and encourage an increase in engagement.

The identified solution included the adoption of infographics and results into unit specific posters as a means of easily highlighting NNAP results and a revision of the style and content of the NNAP parent and carers report, “Your baby’s care”.

What we did

The working group developed a briefing document that set out the purpose of the initiative from a clinician, nurse and parent perspective. Key stakeholders Bliss and BAPM provided valuable support for the project. The briefing document included examples of the poster that shows individual audit results and a second poster that allows the unit to indicate how they have responded to their NNAP results and describe their successes and service improvements.

What we achieved

By undertaking extensive consultation with key stakeholders the unit level poster initiative will be rolled out with 2016 results alongside copies of the NNAP parent and carer report, ‘Your baby’s care’, to all audit participant neonatal units in NNAP Online alongside the launch of the annual report.