Completion of training date calculator

You can use our Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to help calculate your expected completion dates depending on expected percentages of full time working. Our calculator is most effective for trainees at ST6 (Specialty Training level 6). Download the calculator below.

How our calculator can help you

  • Identify an accurate expected date for certification of completion of training (CCT).
  • Check you are meeting the training requirements (eg core higher specialist training), however complicated your training pathway.
  • Assess the impact of placements, which may not be included for training, on your CCT date.
  • More effectively plan the final stages of your training.

Instructions for use

  • Include all placements from the start of your specialist training (ST1 onwards), including other deanery placements.
  • Starting at ST4? Make your first entry a placement that accounts for your time credited to level 1 training.
  • Enter your placements in date order.
  • For each, enter your exact start date and exact finish date.
  • The start of each placement should correspond to the day after the previous placement. There should be no gaps - not even one day.
  • Parental leave, out of programme experience (OOPE), long term special/sick leave should all be added as individual placements. No time towards maternity leave can be counted towards CCT.
  • For all other leave/OOPE, enter WTE training = 0.
  • For less than full time training (LTFT) enter the working time equivalent (WTE), for example, 0.6.
  • Enter the correct WTE (default 1.0) for the remainder of your training to calculate the correct CCT date.
  • Avoid using cut and paste. The formulas may not work if your information is copied in the wrong format.