COVID-19 - Medical Training Initiative (paediatrics) scheme updates

Our MTI(p) scheme continues to operate over the COVID-19 pandemic. We're supporting the MTI(p) Fellows working in the UK from their home countries and the NHS Trusts hosting them.
Last modified
20 April 2020

We will update this guidance as soon as we have more information.

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Current status

The College is working with individual applicants and Trusts on a case-by-case basis to navigate the restrictions placed on travel and ensure any newly arriving doctors are fully inducted.

Roles and training for MTI(p) Fellows

As the situation develops there may be increasing pressure placed on health services to redeploy paediatricians, including MTI(p) Fellows, in to adult medicine. The College has already released a letter to all our participating Trusts, recommending that a consultation process be followed where redeployment is being considered. You can download a copy of the letter below sent by our Clinical Lead, Dr Alok Sharma, who is based in Southampton.

It is important that services across the country are aware that MTI(p) Fellows come from medical education systems that have highly variable exposure to adult medicine, and that these doctors are sponsored by the College exclusively to work within the paediatric specialty and their visas are linked specifically to the role for which they were initially employed. Therefore, we urge all employers to refer to the General Medical Council (GMC) guidance on this matter which states that, while many healthcare professionals will be asked to work flexibly, no doctor should be asked to work beyond their competency in the interests of patient safety.

Moreover the RCPCH and Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to reiterate that MTI(p) Fellows are guests in this country under a learn and return programme. Wherever possible it is important that training programmes are maintained to the best extent possible, and that supportive supervision – both clinical and educational – is of more importance now than ever. We are extremely grateful for every effort that can be made amid the current environment.

In addition, there is a joint statement from AoMRC, HEE, and NHS Employers, providing general guidance on the MTI scheme related to Covid19 which you can also download below.

Supporting MTI(p) Fellows

In the meantime, the RCPCH MTI(p) team, part of the wider Recruitment & Careers team, is available to support any doctors who are concerned at this time.

This of course extends to any MTI(p) Fellows who are self-isolating, stressed or worried about their families back home.

About the scheme

For more information about this scheme, see: