Medical Recruitment team

​We are responsible for maintaining the management and quality assurance of the primary routes to working in training and consultant paediatric roles in the UK. 

National specialty recruitment
Entry to the UK paediatric training pathway can be achieved at two points: ST1 (entry Level) and ST3. The recruitment processes are managed by the Paediatric National Recruitment Office (PaedsNRO). As the College team, we provide support and frameworks for the national recruitment processes, including guidance and structure.
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Paediatric sub-specialty recruitment
Is possible to complete your training in a specific area of paediatrics - in one of the 17 sub-specialties available within the UK paediatric training pathway. Applications are open to all current UK paediatric trainees as well as a small number crossing over from allied adult specialties. The recruitment process is set and managed by the team and takes place once a year.
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Medical Training Initiative (MTI) and International Paediatric Sponsorship Scheme (IPSS)
RCPCH is able to provide GMC (General Medical Council) sponsorship and support for some international trainees, coming to work in the UK on a fixed term basis. This is via the MTI(p) or IPSS. Entry onto one of these schemes requires applicants to meet a number of specific criteria. There are other ways of working as a paediatrician in the UK, so it is important that the various options are considered carefully, via our 'Opportunities for overseas doctors' page.
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Consultant recruitment and Advisory Appointments Committees (AACs)
All UK paediatric consultant appointments should follow a rigorous process of quality assurance, either by law in NHS trusts or by nationally cited best practice for NHS Foundation trusts. We as the College team are responsible for ensuring this level of quality is adhered to via the AAC's process.
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Processes and other related activities
We offer assistance and guidance to both budding undergraduates and those already in paediatrics seeking to establish their future career plans.

If you would like support for any of these areas, complete our contact for paediatric careers form, or email us on the relevant address noted above.

The Medical Recruitment team works closely with the Workforce Information and Careers and Communities teams as part of an overarching team covering the paediatric career from start to end.

If you're seeking information about working for the College as a staff member, please see our Jobs at RCPCH and our working culture pages.