Engagement legislation briefing - RCPCH &Us

This resource provides you with the key pieces of legislation that support active involvement of children and young people in health decisions and service design.
RCPCH & Us: The voice of children, young people and families

Developed to highlight pieces of statutory guidance and legislation from the four nations, this resource will link you to policy aimed to actively support stakeholder engagement in health settings. Starting with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) it then links to NHS guidance and devolved nations policy.

It is important that professionals are knowledgable on these areas of legislation, in order to effectively advocate for improved consultation processes in relation to service design, to support challenging conversations where there may be barriers to children and young people's involvement, and to promote and protect children and young people's rights.

For further advice and guidance, please contact and_us@rcpch.ac.uk