Impact of COVID-19 on child health services - user guide

This page explains how to submit data for our new data capturing tool on the impact of COVID-19 on child health services. Our Workforce team is sending login details to Clinical leads and directors at each NHS Trust / Health Board in the UK.
Last modified
21 May 2020

This is a data collection and reporting tool to support child health services during the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask representatives, such as the paediatric clinical lead, to respond on behalf of their Trust or Health Board on a weekly basis. Find out more about this project and see top level results.

Registering and accessing the data capture system

Members from our mailing list (mostly clinical leads) have received a link to access the data capture system. Clicking on it will direct you to the log in screen. If wish to submit data on behalf of your organisation, and you are authorised to do, please email us:

Impact of COVID-19 on child health services - log in screen

Once you set up your log in details, you will be asked to select the Trust or Health Board Organisation you belong to from the drop down menu in the Organisation box:

Impact of COVID-19 on child health services - select organisation

If you were already pre-registered on the system (for example, you have been recently in contact with us about the Workforce Census) you will have been already assigned to your organisation.

If not, you can select it and we will approve it for you.

Please ensure you visit the My profile section to check the information is correct.

Impact of COVID-19 on child health services tool - my profile

Data collection

Initial organisation information

Once you are associated with your organisation, you will be directed to the screen below:

Impact of COVID-19 on child health services tool - data entering

The Initial organisation information will ask about which services your Trust/Health Board provides on a “business as usual” basis and will serve as a starting point to compare with how services have been affected by the current context.

Please complete this section first as the following questions will depend on your answers in this section.

Impact of COVID-19 on child health services tool - initial organisation information

Once you click on Submit you can then move to the next section: Weekly data collection.

Weekly data collection

This screen will be filled in each week on Fridays to provide a track record of how your service has been impacted during the pandemic. Please answer the questions as they apply in the previous seven days (before 08:00 that Friday).

Impact of COVID-19 on child health services tool - weekly data collection

 This screen is divided into:

  1.  Staffing and capacity: This section asks how staffing and capacity in your organisation have been affected during the pandemic, including access to testing and PPE.
    Impact of COVID-19 on child health services tool - staffing and capacity
  2. Activity: This section asks about activity in hospital inpatients, urgent care and ED admissions, routine statutory work, SUDIC and whereas these increased, decreased, or remained similar to pre-COVID-19.
    Impact of COVID-19 on child health services tool - activity
  3. Innovations and concerns: In this section we would like to capture any examples of innovative practice happening that might be of benefit to other organisations, as well as any concerns you feel are having or will have a significant impact on delivering service.

Once you are done, click on Submit, which will then redirect you to your Submissions history screen.

Impact of COVID-19 on child health services tool - submission history

Here you will be able to see when you submitted your data, and what type of collection that was (weekly data collection or initial organisation information). 

Reporting tool

On the main page of the data capturing and reporting tool, at the bottom, you will be able to click on Reports page.

This is will only available to submitters and authorised viewers.

Viewing reports

If you have access, you will be redirected to the page below. There you can view submissions for the Initial organisation information, each  weekly data collection as well as all weeks, showing trends.

If you click on Graphs, the section below will expand to show overall answers to each question, as shown in the picture. We have been adding further reporting over time as we receive more data.

If you click on submitter map you will see which organisations in the UK are registered to submit data.

Interpreting the results

The Reports page will display slightly different graphs depending on what users choose to view.

It follows the same structure as the questionnaire and is organised as specified below:

  1. Services - the number of organisations responding whether they are or are not currently providing different areas of paediatric service is shown in graphs.
  2. Staffing and capacityfor all weeks’ data, we show the mean, median and interquartile range (quarter 1 and quarter 3) on a graph. The mean is the average calculated by adding up all responses and then dividing by the number of responses. The median is the middle value when all responses are ranked numerically. The interquartile range is a variance statistic, quarter 1 (Q1) is the middle value of the first half of the rank-ordered set, and Q3 is the middle value of the second half of the rank ordered set. For each week's data we display histograms representing the distribution of responses by number of trusts.
  3. Activity - the percentage of respondents saying that activity has increased, decreased or not changed is shown for each week's data.

Go to Reports page

"View only" access

If you are not submitting data for a Trust or Health Board organisation, but wish to view results on the reporting tool, you can request access. 

First, register for an account. You'll get an email with a link to activate your account.

Once your account is active, you can go to the reporting tool home page. At the bottom, you'll see a Request to view button as shown below.

Impact of COVID-19 on child health services - home page with request to view button

 This will direct you to the screen as shown below. Enter your RCPCH number or a justification to view and click Submit. Once we approve your request, you will be able to access the Reports page.

Impact of COVID-19 on child health services - request to view screen