Shape of Training review response - position statement (2017)

The Shape of Training report provided a timely opportunity to review how doctors are trained to meet changing needs of patients in the UK. We wish to see more integration between paediatric, primary care and mental health training.

In particular, we wish to see increasing opportunities for:

  • doctors entering general practice to receive paediatric training
  • flexibility in training to take into account changes in career intentions
  • paediatric trainees to transfer to other specialties
  • paediatric trainees to work across international boundaries.

We have concluded that a two-level training programme is desirable, incorporating flexibility, out of programme opportunities, and provision of a broader curriculum in the earlier stages of training to include increased exposure to primary care and mental health.

The indicative training time will be seven years. The training programme may be completed within a minimum of five years subject to achieving the required capabilities but is anticipated that the majority of trainees will require a longer period. The training model will be populated with the 2018 curriculum (subject to GMC approval).

You can find out more about RCPCH Progress+, our response to Shape of training, which is live as of summer 2023.