Supporting professionals to have healthier weight conversations - consensus statement

We agree to work collaboratively with various organisations to use collective resources and influence in supporting the public health workforce to have healthier weight conversations.

In September 2019 we co-signed a consensus statement by Public Health England, which provides advice and support for health professionals to have difficult conversations about maintaining a healthy weight.

Childhood obesity is a widespread problem in the UK and we recognise the need to manage and work to prevent the increasing prevalence.

The document aims to raise confidence in having healthier weight conversations by upskilling and supporting professionals through education and training, and to increase awareness through promotion of relevant evidence-based questions. It commits to engaging and promoting a ‘whole-systems’ approach by working collaboratively across organisational boundaries and disciplines to improve awareness of healthier weight, healthier diet and physical activity outcomes of the population.

The document aims to support professionals through the continual promotion of training and resources, and supporting engagement in CPD (continuing professional development). It will enable professionals to manage communicating effectively with children and parents, supporting them in developing and delivering relevant behavioural changes and delivering consistent and evidence-based messages around healthier weight, highlighting the importance of a healthy diet and physical exercise. It also aims to help healthcare professionals understand the causes and impact of excess weight, and what approaches to take to mitigate those.