BPSU Partnership Board

The officers of the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit are responsible to the Scientific Committee, which in turn is accountable to the BPSU Partnership Board. The Partnership Board was established in 2014 and comprises representation from the three parent bodies of the BPSU, the RCPCH, Department of Health and Social Care, and the UCL GOS Institute of Child Health. This ensures a tripartite oversight of the strategic direction and operation of the BPSU.

Responsibilities of the Partnership Board

The Partnership Board is charged with the responsibility and authority to ensure that the BPSU is developed, managed and maintained in a manner that ensures it achieves its objective.

To discharge these responsibilities the Partnership Board will:

  • Provide strategic direction to the BPSU by reviewing its priorities, progress, risks and future plans
  • Appoint the Chair of the BPSU Scientific Committee
  • Agree the terms of reference and membership of the Scientific Committee
  • Oversee the financial arrangements of the Unit
  • Reassure the host organisations annually that the activities of the BPSU comply with all relevant legal, regulatory, ethical requirements and associated conditions
  • Ensure that the activities and outputs of the BPSU are widely disseminated to professional, policy and public audiences.


Membership of the Partnership Board is drawn from two senior representatives from each of the BPSU's parent organisations. Members of the Partnership Board may not also be members of the BPSU Scientific Committee.

The current membership of the BPSU Governance Board is:

  • Dr Helen Duncan, Department of Health and Social Care
  • Emily Arkell, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Professor Paul Dimitri, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Dr Rachel Knowles, UCL GOS Institute of Child Health
  • Dr Helen Cross, UCL GOS Institute of Child Health