Read about the amazing work done in 2021 to improve health outcomes for children and young people.

Camilla Kingdon - 2col

What a year 2021 has been!

It’s easy to look back and think just of the COVID-19 pandemic because this has dominated so much of our lives. However, the joy of reviewing a year is the opportunity to be reminded of all the other things we did and the achievements. I pay tribute to the dedication of all our volunteers and staff, and I thank you for your incredible contributions and support in the first year of my presidency.

Dr Camilla Kingdon


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Thousands of hours and hundreds of volunteers made it possible for us to adapt our exams, develop Progress+, and recruit future paediatricians.
Doctor listens with stethoscope to heart of toddler held by mum
From global humanitarian support to ensuring patient safety through quality improvement programmes, we are privileged to do this for our members.
We produce a wide range of resources from growth charts to research funding opportunities.
Left 2 col Jo Revill

I'm proud of how we adapted.

Successive lockdowns, lack of access to many services, growing health inequalities and school challenges meant that the College played a sharply vital role in giving young people a voice. This next year will test us just as much as the past one, but our growing numbers – both in the UK and internationally – make us a formidable force. The College’s mission is more important than ever.

Jo Revill

CEO, 2018-2022

2021 was the year we celebrated 25 years as a Royal Medical College and made improvements to our training programme.