BPSU - Sir Peter Tizard Bursary

Presenting Tizard bursary to successful applicantEach year, we invite paediatricians who are planning a surveillance study through the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) to apply for the Sir Peter Tizard Research Bursary. The successful applicant will receive a free slot on the BPSU Orange Card and a stipend towards training needs.

The 2017-18 application period has now closed.

Purpose of the award

  • Encourages paediatricians who are not research active to undertake a study of a rare disease or condition which affects children and which addresses a question of clinical or public health importance
  • Enables paediatricians to further develop their research knowledge and skills
  • Adds to the body of knowledge of rare childhood diseases and conditions
  • Promotes the role of the BPSU in the surveillance of rare diseases affecting children
  • Supports the RCPCH's objective of building and strengthening research in paediatrics


Applicants must:

  • be RCPCH members
  • be paediatricians with NHS contracts (part time or full time) who are:
      a) Training grade doctor at any ST (specialty training level) or undertaking paediatric academic training, OR
      b) Consultant grade with less than three years in post
  • have not previously undertaken a BPSU study.

A candidate may submit one application only each year.

Two candidates may submit a joint application. The Scientific Committee will consider both applicants' criteria during the review process.

Candidate receiving a Sir Peter Tizard bursary

How to apply - the 2017-18 application period has now closed

Flyer - information about the bursary (PDF, 86KB)

Application guidelines (PDF, 296KB)

Application form (MS Word, 85KB)

Contact and further information

Email: bpsu@rcpch.ac.uk

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