BPSU Sir Peter Tizard research bursary

Each year we invite trainee paediatricians and newly qualified consultants planning a surveillance study through the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) to apply for this bursary. The successful applicant receives a free slot on the BPSU Orange Card and a stipend towards their training needs.

The 2021-22 application period is now open until Friday, 15 October. Find out more, watch our short video and download the application materials.

Purpose of the award

  • Encourages paediatricians who are not research active to undertake a study of a rare disease or condition which affects children and which addresses a question of clinical or public health importance.
  • Enables paediatricians to further develop their research knowledge and skills.
  • Adds to the body of knowledge of rare childhood diseases and conditions.
  • Promotes the role of the BPSU in the surveillance of rare diseases affecting children.
  • Supports the RCPCH's objective of building and strengthening research in paediatrics.

The Sir Peter Tizard bursary was my first exposure to epidemiology and surveillance. The experience I gained has been instrumental in developing my career in leading the surveillance of preventable infections at Public Health England.

Dr Shamez Ladhani, BPSU Chair and winner of the Sir Peter Tizard Bursary, 2004-05


Applicants must:

  • be an RCPCH member, and
  • be a paediatrician working (at least part of their time) in the NHS who is a:
    • specialty trainee (any grade)
    • academic trainee, or
    • new consultant (within three years of appointment to a consultant post).

The candidate must not have previously led a BPSU study.

The study team must not have previously submitted an application on the same topic for consideration by the BPSU scientific committee.

Any one candidate can only submit one application per year

Joint applications (ie where two applicants work together on a BPSU study under supervision and share the award) are acceptable.

Application information

The 2021-22 application period is now open. More information is downloadable below.

How to win a Tizard bursary 

Dr Simon Lenton presents this short video on how applicants can put forward an application to win this bursary. You can watch here, or download the slides below.