Progress+ - getting neonates and community experience

We are aware that there is some anxiety around RCPCH Progress+, which goes live in summer 2023, and the rethink of how trainee paediatricians will gain their neonatal and communities experience. We recognise that these are valid concerns and that this change is coming at an ever increasingly challenging time for you clinically.
RCPCH Progress+ Paediatric training for excellence

To help alleviate some anxieties and concerns raised, we wanted to bring clarification on some parts to help bring more of a common understanding:

The new training programme is not a blanket removal of six month blocks in neonates / community. Having six month placements in these areas is currently a deanery / service-led model, and as such trainees should still do this where it suits their career plans.

Previously such placements were mandated at Specialty Training 4/5. With Progress+, we can expect trainees in core training, but also general paediatric trainees in specialty training level to fill the placements.

Progress+ encourages creativity in the learning experience and allows greater flexibility for trainees to design their training around their career plans and away from traditional models. Trainees are still expected to gain the relevant capabilities in neonates and community, etc. and will need to do so in a suitable and meaningful way.

We are also aware that what is achievable will vary locally. And so the emphasis is on the training experience whilst maintaining service needs using non-traditional opportunities to optimise learning, for example, shadowing activities and working with colleagues in other service areas.

If you have any queries, please contact us on You can find out more on our Progress+ hub.