We are responsible for monitoring of postgraduate specialty training in paediatrics in the UK, in accordance with the General Medical Council. Whether you're considering a paediatric career, are in the middle of your training pathway or are supervising trainees, we're here to support you.
From recruitment to certification... Designed to complement the General Medical Council (GMC) Gold Guide, this is your handbook as you progress through your training.
We explain each of our tools for workplace-based assessments, and provide forms and templates. These are available on your RCPCH ePortfolio (Kaizen).
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You'll use RCPCH ePortfolio, our online tool to log your activities and monitor progress. Our user guide helps you use this resource; more guides are available for supervisors and deaneries.

This is our key question as we have developed the new curriculum for all UK trainees, now live as of 1 August.

RCPCH Progress has 11 learning outcomes for each training level.

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