Looked after children


Safeguarding Children: Level 4 and 5 - for named and designated paediatricians (2 days)

10 October 2018


This two-day event, and accompanying pre-course eLearning, covers the key concepts relevant to the target audience, named and designated paediatricians, in line with the competencies set out in the Intercollegiate Document. It provides a learning environment conducive to the sharing of good practice...

Guide to invited reviews

We support healthcare organisations, commissioners and clinical teams to resolve concerns about paediatric service provision, safety, training, compliance with standards, and proposals for paediatric reconfiguration or service design. Our service is confidential, established and influential, and tai...

Looked after children (LAC)

This term typically denotes children cared for by Government, though exact definitions vary between the four nations. More than 93,000 children in the UK are in care, 70,000 in England. Most are taken into care over fears of abuse or neglect. They are vulnerable to health inequalities, and exhibit s...
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Child protection

As child health professionals, child protection plays a role in everything we do. It is about protecting individual children identified as suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect.