Scottish Executive Committee

This committee advises College Council on Scottish matters. It contributes to the development of Scottish Government policy, ensures children and young people are fully represented and represents its membership by providing a consistent voice for paediatrics in Scotland.


  • The Committee is responsive to the views of the membership in Scotland and represent these views to College Council.
  • Representatives of the Committee meet with senior officials of the Scottish Government, MSPs and CMO (Chief Medical Officer) by arrangement to secure political commitment for RCPCH key child health priorities in Scotland.
  • The Committee works with College staff to advocate for the College and its aims in Scotland building recognition of the College among key opinion formers and decision makers.
  • The Committee considers and makes recommendations on principles of policy, strategy and clinical guidance as they relate to specific issues at the request of Council, College Executive Committee, other Committees and individual College members or staff.
  • The Committee provides support to the Scotland Policy and Public Affairs team in relation to engagement with key health stakeholders, Royal Colleges and other bodies and organisations as appropriate.


Contact details

RCPCH Scotland
0131 385 7424