Elections in Wales and Scotland - we publish our manifestos for child health

The elections to the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments will be unlike any other, taking place in the context of the global pandemic. Although most children and teenagers do not become seriously ill with COVID-19, the impact on their lives, education, services and mental health and wellbeing has been immense.

The manifesto documents respond to the impact of the pandemic by calling upon all of the political parties to putting children and young people at the centre of this election and make their health and wellbeing a national priority for the next Senedd and Scottish Parliament. 

Dr David Tuthill, Officer for Wales at Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health said:

We have consistently made the case for urgent progress on childhood obesity, mental health, oral health, on the paediatric and child health workforce, on child health research and much more to give children and young people the start they deserve. Right now, considering the scale of these existing challenges and the impact the pandemic has had on our children and young people, our message to policy makers, political parties and a future Welsh Government is clear and simple. We must commit to making the health and wellbeing of children a national priority.

Dr Mairi Stark, Officer for Scotland at RCPCH, said:

The pandemic response has severely impacted on children’s rights, limiting their access to school and education and the universal services they rely upon to support their overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and some of our most vulnerable are at the sharp end of this. As paediatricians we call on the incoming Scottish Government to make child health and wellbeing a national priority.

Both manifestos draw upon data and work developed as part of our State of Child Health project and issue clear calls around mental health; tackling poverty and health inequalities; protecting and strengthening children’s services; and prevention and early intervention to help children maintain a healthy weight and lead healthy lives.

See our manifesto for Wales

See our manifesto for Scotland