Changes to MRCPCH attempts policy in 2024

With effect from the 2024.3 exam diet, the MRCPCH currency and number of attempts policy will be changing.
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The policy was originally introduced in July 2014 and only applied to UK trainees or doctors intending to seek entry to the UK training programme.

From 1 September 2024, the policy will be extended to cover all candidates taking an MRCPCH (membership) examination: Foundation of Practice (FOP), Theory and Science (TAS), Applied Knowledge in Paediatrics (AKP) or Clinical. All candidates will be allowed up to six attempts at each part of the MRCPCH.

If a candidate did not have their attempts counted before 1 September 2024, their attempt count will start at zero; previous attempts at MRCPCH examinations before 1 September 2024 will not be counted for these candidates.

An attempt is defined as an occasion when a candidate commences, but does not necessarily complete, any MRCPCH Theory examination (FOP, TAS or AKP) or MRCPCH Clinical.

For further details about this change, candidates should read the MRCPCH regulations and rules and the 'Currency and number of attempts for MRPCH exams' policy.