MRCPCH Clinical examination candidate guidance

MRCPCH Clinical is the final element of the MRCPCH (membership exam). It assesses whether candidates have reached the standard in clinical skills expected of a newly appointed Specialty Trainee 4 (ST4). It is held in hospital sites across the UK and in a number of other countries.
Last modified
18 July 2023
Table of contents

For more detailed up to date information: Please refer to the MRPCH Clinical Exam Face to Face guidance hub


The aim of the MRCPCH Clinical examination is to assess whether candidates have reached the standard in clinical skills expected of a newly appointed ST4.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in:

  • communication
  • history taking and management planning
  • establishing rapport with both parents and children
  • physical examination
  • child development
  • clinical judgement
  • organisation of thoughts and actions
  • recognition of acute illness
  • knowledge of paediatrics and child health
  • professional behaviour
  • ethical practice.


Guidance documents can be found on the MRCPCH Clinical Exam Face to Face guidance hub, which aid MRCPCH Clinical candidates in their preparation for the exam.

MRCPCH Clinical examination - information for candidates provides guidance on:

  • aim of the exam
  • format of the exam
  • exam circuit and stations:
    • 1-4 Clinical
    • 5 Development
    • 6 History
    • 7 and 8 Communication
    • 9 and 10 Video
  • before the exam day
  • on arrival at the exam centre
  • timing of the exam
  • marking scheme
  • general information
  • candidate debrief: reporting incidents
  • examples of scenarios for station 6-10.

MRCPCH Clinical examination anchor statements by station type provide the expected criteria that examiners are trained to assess candidate performance against across all clinical exam domains.

MRCPCH Clinical examination combined marksheet proofs are provided for reference.

MRCPCH Clinical examination technique: Clinical 1-4  and Development sets a level of technique expected of the good exam candidate. It is designed around the MRCPCH examination, providing guidelines for examiners and candidates. It also describes what is expected in good paediatric clinical exam technique. We hope this will be helpful to all trainees in paediatrics as well as providing help for teachers and trainers.