HEE announces plans to support medical training recovery

On 14 May 2021, Health Education England (HEE) reported that it's working with the Department of Health and Social Care, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the General Medical Council and NHS England and Improvement to support training recovery as an urgent priority. A new resource page is available for trainee doctors working in England.

HEE's statement from 14 May notes: "Our focus is now on implementing a carefully developed collaborative training recovery plan. This will minimise the number of trainees with learning gaps significant enough to require training extensions, and will maintain the quality of training opportunities to ensure as many trainees as possible are able to safely progress and get their training back on track.

You can see the HEE training recovery support page which has resources for both trainees and trainers, as well as a link to the full statement.

The HEE Wellbeing page has a list of resources to support doctors' own physical and mental wellbeing. Our own Wellbeing during COVID-19 hub includes blogs and resources contributed by our members.

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