One week to go until Progress+ - nearly time for celebratory razzamatazz

We don’t need much of an excuse to eat (pink) cake and put up (pink) balloons. But, seeing Progress+ come to fruition is a very good reason indeed to celebrate!
Time for Progress Plus - 1 August

Trainees who rotate in August have just one week before they transition to the new curriculum. Those who rotate in September have a further month. But we hope all join next week's celebrations.

If you have read the countdown to Progress+ blogs over the last five weeks you will have a good overview of the important things to know.

The new curriculum will bring with it a new assessment table. We will be maintaining our philosophy of having a very small number of mandatory assessments. So the new table will look very like the previous one, just divided into two levels. It will be published as the new training year starts.

This doesn’t mean that portfolios should only contain the mandatory assessments; trainees will still have to evidence all the key capabilities. But as adult learners it does give you the freedom to use a diverse range of assessments and development log entries to show you progression, aiming for quality targeting of the key capabilities rather than quantity.

I for one always enjoy imaginative use of the portfolio tools!

So don't forget to join us in celebrating the launch next Tuesday, 1 August. We’ve been using the colour pink to highlight all things Progress curriculum and Progress+ for many years. Help mark the occasion with your own local celebrations and share your pictures at #RCPCHProgressPlus. Let's turn our social feed pink for the day!