Two weeks to go until Progress+ - let's normalise individualised training

We need to change the conversation about progression in training and recognise that trainees have diverse backgrounds, experiences and needs.
Time for Progress Plus - 1 August

We have had capability-based progression built into the paediatric curriculum for a long time. It even predates Progress in 2018. Having the flexibility within the curriculum to recognise that trainees arrive in the paediatric training programme with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and are therefore able to demonstrate capabilities at different rates, is a pragmatic and attractive part of our programme.

I am also a firm believer that training should happen alongside life. And that for all of us, but particularly for our trainees, sometimes there is energy and space to gallop through the stages and sometimes there is the need to take a bit more time.

So although we have had capability-based progression for some years, we still tend to talk about training in terms of time and refer to ‘fast tracking’ as if capability-based progression is the exception. While time in training does contribute to experiential learning, there needs to be recognition of individual variations and to change the conversation around progression.

I see the introduction of Progress+ as an opportunity to really embed and normalise individualised training and true capability-based progression. This will be supported by longitudinal educational supervision which will enable supervisors and trainees to take a longer term view of progression through the curriculum.

We will publish new guidance soon setting out what is expected from trainees and trainers and when progression through the next gateway is appropriate.

Can you join us in celebrating the launch on 1 August? As you may be aware, we’ve been using the colour pink to highlight all things Progress curriculum and Progress+ for many years. We’d love you to help us mark the occasion with your own local celebrations and to share your pictures at #RCPCHProgressPlus. Perhaps some pink baking for a tea break or a team photo with pink accessories and banners – we’d like to turn our social feed pink for the day!