Progress+, our response to Shape of Training, is approved by the GMC

RCPCH Progress+ is our vision for the future shape of paediatric training, and it has now been approved by the General Medical Council (GMC), for implementation in August/September 2023.

We’ve previously outlined how our plans are aimed at encouraging an individualised, creative approach to training, based on capability rather than time, reducing indicative training time by one year.

The College will be working with trainees, supervisors, Heads of School, Training Programme Directors, Trusts and Deaneries to rollout these exciting changes. We know that some of you may feel daunted and have questions. We’ve already shared some resources and frequently asked questions, and we will have many more resources and support to share with you as we work towards the launch.

Bringing you on our journey

In her inaugural blog as RCPCH Vice President for Training & Assessment, Dr Cathryn Chadwick introduces RCPCH Progress+, noting that it is outcomes-based, flexible and fit for the needs of our children and young people. She writes:

Good communication, engagement with and involvement of College members will be at the heart of the implementation work, plans for which are well underway. This is an exciting time in the evolution of paediatric training and brings with it the promise of improved holistic, sustainable care for children, young people and their families. I am looking forward to working towards full implementation in the next two years.

Read Cathryn's blog

Best pratice around UK   

Today we are also launching our best practice maps. We recommend the following five good practice areas, and our maps show which regions are currently meeting these. 

  • Trainee steps up to middle grade rotas earlier than expected
  • Educational supervisors remain with the trainee for longer than six months
  • Trainees are completing training more quickly
  • Placements are managed creatively
  • Training time is prioritised over service requirements  

See best practice maps

If you have any questions, or if you'd like us to recognise that your region is meeting one or more good practice areas, get in touch with us on

Coming soon… 

Look out for our ‘Training principle of the month’ resources. Our guide, Paediatrician of the Future, published last October, introduced our 11 training principles. In early September, two trainees will kick off with an introduction, and then throughout the year we'll publish resources, case studies and views from children and young people for each of the principles.