Our plans for the future shape of training

We have now submitted our plans for RCPCH Progress+, our vision for the future shape of paediatric training, to the General Medical Council (GMC) for approval. We want to encourage an individualised, creative approach to training, based on capability rather than time. Find out more about our plans.

RCPCH Progress, a curriculum for postgraduate paediatric training, was implemented in August 2018, bringing an emphasis on the balance between technical and professional skills. This combination of both practical experience and behaviour is fundamental in today’s NHS. 

Since that time the College curriculum team has worked with a range of stakeholders to ensure the Progress curriculum would evolve to meet the demands of the Shape of Training recommendations. We are calling this work RCPCH Progress+, as we build on the changes already introduced.

Our vision for Shape of Training reduces indicative training time by one year and promotes a more individualised creative approach to training. This will provide opportunities to increase bespoke learning that is not bound by time, as before, but by capability. 

We believe that reducing the training time will encourage more trainees to choose paediatrics (currently one of the longest specialties), and the changes to the curriculum mean that experience and expertise won’t be lost despite the time change. 

The current three level programme is reduced to two levels: ‘core’ (ST1-4) and ‘specialty’ (ST5-7). Following extensive consultation with trainees, trainee supervisors, consultants, other Royal Colleges, employers, NHS managers and heads of school, the proposed changes have now been submitted to the GMC with an expected outcome in the summer. Once approval is granted the College will continue to inform, consult and support all those affected so that they are ready for the implementation date of August 2023.  

Some may find these changes a little daunting but we are seeing much of what is promoted in Progress+ is already happening in pockets across the UK, with some trainees stepping up to middle grade posts at ST3 level and some keeping educational supervisors throughout training levels (rather than the traditional six months). We are currently capturing all of this information to create a UK wide picture of where additional support and practical tips may be available.  

As we all move forward in making the Shape of Training recommendations a reality, the College team will be here to support regions and trainees in this transition.

For more information visit our page, RCPCH Progress+ and our Shape of training plans.