Career support service

Consultants, SAS (staff, associate specialist and specialty doctors) and other career grade paediatricians drive and deliver the health services to children and young people. Our Career Grade Careers Guidance (CGCG) service is free of charge to RCPCH Associate Members and Ordinary Members and Fellows who are working in these roles.
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11 January 2019

What is the service about?

Our careers service provides personal career guidance for those with a career path dilemma who have self-referred to the service.

What the service is not able to advise on

Who is it for, and how can it help?

Who are the careers advisors and what expertise do they bring?

We have a network of regional paediatric careers advisors. They are paediatric consultants and SAS doctors with extensive educational experience who have been trained to provide individual support for paediatric careers.

There are two senior paediatric careers advisors, who are supported by the Education and Professional Development team.

Careers Advisor Region
Cliona ni Bhrolchain Mersey
Sue Chatfield Yorkshire and Humber
Subramanian Ganesan East Midlands
Amanda Goldstein West Midlands
Helen Goodyear Careers Guidance co lead
Jonathan Graham South West England
Bov Jani Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Camilla Kingdon Careers Guidance co-lead
Vasanta Nanduri East of England
Christine Pierce London
Miles Riddle North West
Sharmi Sivakumaran London
vacant (but other Advisors will support this region) Scotland
vacant (but other Advisors will support this region) Wales
vacant (but other Advisors will support this region) Northern Ireland
vacant (but other Advisors will support this region) North East
vacant (but other Advisors will support this region) Thames Valley
vacant (but other Advisors will support this region) Wessex

What happens once I am matched with a careers advisor and is the service confidential?

I found it very useful, both practically but also how it really was completely non-judgemental and supportive to be able to talk. I was able to have a completely confidential chat with someone experienced and understanding. I felt able to talk openly about my situation, both in and out of work.

Consultant Paediatrician

How to request support

Contact us at - messages are routed to the career grade careers admin team and checked every working day.

Please provide the following

  • Name
  • RCPCH number or GMC number
  • Grade
  • Specialty or sub-specialty
  • Whether currently working or not
  • CV or education and employment history from start of medical school to present day (include all dates, roles, locations and qualifications)
  • Detailed summary of reason for seeking guidance from RCPCH CGCA network. Reasons may include wanting or needing to change medical specialty; life events impacting on career; career not developing as planned; doubts about overall career choice; preparing for retirement.
  • What advice has been sought already, if any, whether from RCPCH or others
  • What action has been taken already, if any
  • Aims and expectations of RCPCH careers guidance service

How we handle your enquiry

  • Your query will be directed to a careers advisor for response, with additional input as required from RCPCH staff responsible for careers guidance. All enquiries are handled in confidence.
  • We keep information supplied confidential unless otherwise required by law, court order or any governmental or regulatory authority, for reasons of patient safety.
  • We aim to respond to enquiries within seven working days of receipt.
  • Where necessary, the advisor will consult with other careers advisors to clarify any details regarding the guidance they are providing through a secure, restricted access portal. They will anonymise any information shared with other advisors.
  • Discussions between you and your advisor will take place by email or, if appropriate, by telephone at a time agreed between the advisor and you. The advisor will arrange to contact you on your preferred telephone number at the agreed time and for the agreed duration (normally one hour). Advisors will not give our their telephone numbers.
  • Face to face meetings are not provided as standard but may be arranged with the mutual agreement of you and advisor at an impartial location.
  • All requests for further advice following the initial query and response should be cc’d to to assist with monitoring.
  • RCPCH advisors are a finite resource and cannot guarantee to respond to repeat enquiries from the same individual. While advisors are not limited to contact with an individual, it is expected that no more than three enquiries from the same individual will need to be responded to in order to support you with your career planning.
  • The advisor may suggest use of assessments to help self-awareness and understanding.
  • Copies of email discussions and summaries of telephone discussions between advisors and enquirers will be held confidentially by RCPCH to allow for auditing of the service.
  • By accessing the service, enquirers agree to the disclaimer terms below.
  • You will be asked to provide online feedback on the service you have received.


The advice and guidance issued by the RCPCH Career Grade Careers Advisor network should be interpreted in the context of local processes and supplemented by local advice and guidance as appropriate.

All advisors are experienced senior clinicians with a wealth of experience providing guidance and advice to doctors in paediatric training, SAS and consultant roles and other career grade roles.

The RCPCH career grade careers advisors provide guidance on specialty specific matters in response to a specific request. The advisors prepare and issue guidance, based on the facts presented to them, with reasonable care and in good faith, and neither the advisors nor RCPCH accept any liability arising from the guidance. The guidance will not be binding.

The RCPCH undertakes to keep information supplied confidential unless otherwise required by law, court order or any governmental or regulatory authority, for reasons of patient safety. For the avoidance of doubt, the RCPCH reserves the right to disclose such information (in confidence) to the General Medical Council or other relevant regulatory authority where (acting reasonably) it considers it in the public interest to do so.

If the RCPCH advisor believes that professional ethical principles or laws are being broken by the individual he/she will first bring this to the individual’s attention and advise them of any action he/she will take as a result before breaching this code of confidentiality.

All information held by the RCPCH and its advisors is kept in full compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Other useful contacts for careers guidance