Children and young people's engagement in your Integrated Care System (ICS)

This three part resource is for healthcare professionals. It aims to guide and empower you to support meaningful engagement of children and young people within the Integrated Care System, or ICS.

How will this resource help me? 

We have created a three step information package:

  • one-page abstract - aims to spread the concept as widely as possible
  • four-page leaflet including with broad description of the model used in translating CYP voice into co-production of services
  • detailed document with all the information required for an RCPCH member to start working with their ICS in embedding the CYP voice.

Why was this resource created? 

The Health and Care Act 2022 legislates for the engagement of babies, children, young people and families in relation to the work of the ICS, ICP (Integrated Care Partnership) and ICB (Integrated Care Board). This includes addressing the needs of under 25s, a duty to consult people to whom services are provided and on the integrated care strategy. Statutory Guidance includes the requirement for ICBs to have an executive lead for children, to champion the needs of under 25s.

This resource was created in June 2022 with RCPCH &Us and the South Yorkshire ICS to help you adhere to this legislation.

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RCPCH trainee? This content is useful learning for the curriculum Domains 1 and 2.